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New Game: FIFA 13 Review

It's an odd conundrum, the annual sports game. Many grizzle that the concept fleeces shoppers, asked to fork out £forty yearly for a sport with some new kits and the odd tweak to the gameplay with wacky nonsense monikers like TOTAL PRO CONTROL 360 or ALL NEW FOOT TO BALL SIMULATIONS. However what EA perceive with all of its sport collection, from FIFA to NHL to Madden NFL, is that these are games performed from the day of launch, right up to the day the next version arrives. It's a subscription, essentially. £forty a 12 months to play and, every 12 months, EA will sort out the new kits, move the gamers around and polish up the sport itself, maybe chuck in a brand new mode here and there too. And the cycle continues.

Here is what the public consider this. FIFA 13 sold over one million on its day of release. 4.5 million copies bought in five days. FIFA not only continues its stranglehold on sports activities games, but cements its position within the video game blockbuster duopoly of itself and Call of Duty. They're extraordinary numbers, occurring on a yearly basis (for both franchises, the model for video games that are primarily on-line could be very related). What EA do very well with FIFA is that they ensure the value of that £forty improve is built into the sport's framework. There is, with out query, a wealth of content that comes with FIFA 13. Sufficient recreation modes to gorge yourself foolish with until the subsequent one comes out. And the cycle continues.

We additionally just like the authenticity FIFA offers. We renew our season ticket with EA partly as a result of we know we'll get stuff like the brand new kits thrown in. Digital strips recreated down to the digital thread, from Arsenal to Aldershot. EA's commitment to their game aligning with its actual world counterpart grows with each year. So we get a day one patch to guantee that not only has Robin Van Persie swanned off to Salford, however Watford's crew is stuffed with Udinese loanees and Joe Garner is carted off to Carlisle.

Whereas we might not at all times wish to admit it, most of us love all that. It's superficial, perhaps, secondary to the motion on the pitch, certainly. But it surely's important. One thing to realise is that not all FIFA players are video game followers, however the massive majority of them are soccer fans. In order that connection to actual-life matters.

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